QuickBus Tackles Inter-city Transportation Problems with Launch in Nigeria

QuickBus Tackles Inter-city Transportation Problems with Launch in Nigeria

Vanessa Obioha

Three years after Humphrey Wrey introduced QuickBus, an online marketplace ticketing system to the continent, the entrepreneur is set to launch the platform in Nigeria. The startup has a presence in Kenya, Angola, South Africa, and Uganda, and is now the most popular site for booking buses in Africa.

“Nigeria is a critical location, especially for this kind of business. The bulk of the intra-city road transportation in Africa happens in Nigeria, and that’s because Nigeria is the most populous African nation in the world, the potential for business is huge, and there’s no solution to any problem facing Africa that doesn’t involve Nigeria,” said Wrey on his decision to launch in Nigeria.

QuickBus, he added, offers various solutions, which are vital on a continent where most of the population travel by road.
Commenting, the company’s Group VP of Growth and Marketing, Olumide Akinsola said, “Our goal is to get Africans moving from city to city by road in a way that’s stress-free, efficient and enjoyable. This can’t happen without transport operators moving from their current informal setup to a point where they scale with intelligent business solutions. It’s not just a promise; it’s the new reality for our customers in Kenya, Angola, Uganda, Zambia, and our other locations.”

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