Mbaka’s Assessment of Umahi’s Govt Contrasts with Realities, Says Group

David Umahi

By Adedayo Akinwale

The Association of Ebonyi State Indigenes in Diaspora (AESID) has faulted the Founder and Director of Adoration Ministry, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, over his recent assessment of the state Governor, Dave Umahi’s performance, saying it was in contrast with the reality on ground.

Umahi had last Sunday attended Mbaka’s church annual thanksgiving, harvest and bazaar service during which Mbaka said the governor’s donation “is already shaking the heavens,” adding that “If you doubt it, go to Ebonyi State.”

However, the President of the group, Mr. Paschal Oluchukwu, in a statement issued yesterday said contrary to the make-belief, the current administration in the state has elevated cosmetic governance and made praise-singing a glorified art in the state.

Oluchukwu said: “We have no doubt about Fr. Mbaka’s calling, and all he has represented, which as a group, we acknowledge and appreciate. But his heroic assessment of Umahi’s nearly eight years reign as the state governor does not in any way reflect the current realities of massive hunger and poverty created by the flyover and disco-lights-centric administration in control of the welfare of nearly four million Ebonyi people.”

The group said it was unreasonable for anyone to think that by merely constructing less impactful flyovers and concrete roads, Umahi is turning Ebonyi State to Dubai, a 21st century world class city that also creates massive jobs and opportunities for its people.

It added, “The clergy, Fr. Mbaka, like the rest of reasonable Ebonyi people, should sincerely be worried that Ebonyi State still largely depends on his Enugu-based Aqua Rapha sachet water as a main source of drinkable water, even when water is wasting in various glorified water fountains in strategic parts of the Abakaliki, the capital city.”

It noted that Mbaka deserves to be informed that the level of borrowings which the Umahi government has embarked on has actually placed a heavy debt burden on the future of the young state struggling to catch up with its neighbours in terms of economic growth and per capita income.

The diaspora group noted that with the level of insecurity that Ebonyi State is facing now, it should have been a time for critical sober reflections because security and the welfare of the people remains the primary purpose a government must serve.

“The clergy and the church should therefore, like the rest of reasonable Ebonyi people, should not be deceived by the miracle-shopping governor. For it is our strongest confidence that with the masses, our dear state shall yet reclaim its glory that is now fading away in cosmetic and flyover governance,” Oluchukwu said.