How Businesses Can Deliver Exceptional Payment Experiences to Customers


Ugo Aliogo in this report writes on how businesses can promote exceptional payment experiences

It is a well-known fact that having a smooth and easy payment process as a business is one of the ways to reduce the rates of abandoned carts on your eCommerce platforms and to keep customers coming back. Customers LOVE convenience while they shop and would mostly choose stores that can allow them make payments in the ways they choose and find secure. As the attention span of the average consumer today is fleeting, all it takes is a complicated and insecure payment experience to lose their interests or turn them away for good.

For businesses to ensure that customers are not turned off in frustration during the payment process, they simply need to up their game by delivering only the best payment experiences – notwithstanding other key factors in the purchasing process, like ensuring the sale and delivery of quality goods and services. To help business owners learn how to provide smooth transactions for customers who shop and pay digitally on their platforms, we have put together a few tips that highlights key steps to take.

Here’s how –

1. Prioritize security of payments: Customers are usually on high alert when it comes to making payments online, as they try not to fall prey to cyber fraud. Thus, the platform where your customers put their payment information in must guarantee security. One case of payment fraud is enough to sink a business for good, and so the need for a secure payment gateway is a priority – not just for the customers’ payment experience – but also for the survival of the business. Therefore, businesses need to make use of payment gateways with advanced data security – one which protects sensitive data at every stage of the transaction process – so that customers can feel comfortable inputting their confidential details.

2. Choose payment integration and simplified processes: With an integrated payments system, customers do not have to navigate to a separate site or go through multiple funnels to complete the payment. In so doing, payments can be processed directly within the existing software or application, making it easier for the customer to navigate the transactions process and complete their order quickly and effectively.

3. Provide multiple payment options: This is a non-negotiable feature for any business that aims to deliver seamless payment experiences. Customers have unique payment preferences – ranging from mobile payments, internet banking, USSD, debit / credit cards, , digital wallets, and soon, the e-naira., and as such, it is the duty of the business to cater to these various payment choices by providing a flexible means of making and receiving payments.

As a business, you can achieve the above key steps with a payments partner like Unlimint, which provides businesses and borderless traders with one simplified platform that offers payment security, integration, and multiple payment methods that are accepted globally – amongst other key benefits.

Unlimint utilizes the latest technologies available to bring the solutions that modern-day businesses need in offering great payment methods to customers. With access to over 1,000 alternative payment methods, Unlimint works to ensure businesses will be able to serve their customers anywhere in the world.