Laycon Headlines Tigernut and Ginger Origin Launch Party


By Azuka Ogujiuba

In an Orijinal spectacle of graffiti extravaganza, Orijin, the flagbearer of African heritage, has launched Tigernut and Ginger, a new addition to the Orijinal family to the excitement of “Orijinals” in Abuja, Ibadan, Enugu, Benin and Lagos.

Featuring a two-day live painting by graffiti artists dressed in afrocentric street costumes, the extraordinary creation stunned onlookers with its reveal of a gigantic mural of the Orijin Tigernut and Ginger bottle.

The unveiling party in Lagos attracted A-list celebrities, influencers and socialites; all excited to witness and celebrate the grand unveiling of the bold new flavour that has captured attention.


Guests were treated to a themed fusion of African contemporary street culture featuring drum therapy, street entertainers, local hieroglyphics walls laced with street slangs, street food curated by culinary maestros and bold music amped to match the delicious taste of cocktails from the Orijin Tigernut and Ginger bars.

Speaking about Orijin Tigernut and Ginger launching in Nigeria for the first time anywhere, Marketing Manager, Mainstream Spirits & RTD, Uche Onwudiwe, said, “As a brand, we are driven by a community of Nigerians who take pride in who they are and where they come from, but also share a modern outlook on life. We’re very excited to be bringing the much-loved taste combination of Tigernut and Ginger to Orijin, a contemporary drink that is proudly Nigerian.”

Orijin Tigernut & Ginger is lightly carbonated and bursting with flavour and a refreshing kick thanks to the taste of Tigernut and Ginger. Added to the signature Orijin blend of over 50 fruit and herb extracts blended with alcohol, this is a truly refreshing drink that is low in sugar.