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THE COMMONS is ARISEPLAY’s Sci-Fi, Drama Series Weekend Recommendation for April 17 – 18

THE COMMONS is ARISEPLAY’s Sci-Fi, Drama Series Weekend Recommendation for April 17 – 18



This Sci-Fi drama series is a glimpse of life in an apocalyptic world where climate change is wreaking havoc across the globe! But despite all the chaos life must go on. Set in Australia in the near-future, it catalogues the travails of a neurosurgeon whose wants, more than anything in world to have a child. After several failed IVFs, she has one last chance before she is medically confirmed as unfit to have a child. In addition to this longing, she must do her job to advance her career; keep her marriage intact; and wrestle with the inequalities that comes with a new world order where the rain is acidic enough to burn people’s eyes, water shortage, global warming that has brought pandemic-causing insects into the cities, drone-enforced curfews, and other issues

Joanne Froggatt, who plays Eadie Boulay in the drama series, has received three Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, and has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress on Television.

We are thrilled to recommend this touching drama because it delicately tells a story about how interpersonal relationships, needs, hopes and desires can still exist in a rapidly changing world. Watch now on ARISEPlay to see this futuristic drama unfold.

Stream the entire Series for a gripping vision of a near future that many scientists are warning us about today.

Spend this weekend with ARISEPlay. Visit today to subscribe or login to begin your journey into a world of entertainment with THE COMMONS and other blockbuster movies available only on ARISEPlay.

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