Nigeria Breweries Announces Return of Star Live Arena for Football Fans


Nigerian Breweries, makers Star Lager Beer has announced the return of its special football viewing experience, Star Live Arena.

Star Live Arena which is an engagement platform for its football loving consumers, is set to reopen across five major cities in Nigeria, namely Jos, Enugu, Abeokuta, Makurdi and Onitsha today.

For years, Star Lager Beer has remained one of the biggest influences in Nigerian sports majorly providing support for the growth of football in Nigeria and at some point, the brand became the official beer partner of the country’s national team, the Super Eagles. It also actively supported the growth of the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) among Nigerian football fans, going further to sign deals with European football clubs like Arsenal, Manchester City and Juventus to help deepen engagement with its football loving consumers in Nigeria.

Speaking about the return of this unique partnership, Maria Shadeko, Senior Brand Manager, Star Lager expressed delight at the opportunity to once again provide football fans with an exciting experience that can help them better connect with the brand while enjoying the game they love.

In her words; “it has been a tough number of months for a lot of people and the return of the Star Live Arena brings much needed excitement for so many football lovers who will get to enjoy these football games with their friends and even win prizes playing other games while enjoying their No.1 beer, Star Lager.”

In addition to the match viewing experience which will feature mostly Manchester City games, Star Lager plans to entertain fans with other activities such as a pre-match game show and other half-time games. It also plans to give out prizes and gifts to fans at the various arenas in any of the five cities.