CIPRMP Confers Lifetime Fellowship on Yabatech Rector


By Oluchi Chibuzor

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations Management and Politics (CIPRMP), Ghana, has conferred Lifetime Fellowship and award on the Rector, Yaba College of Technology, Obafemi Omokungbe.

Speaking at an investiture ceremony, held recently, in Lagos, the Executive Director for the West African Region of CIPRMP, Mr. Richard Kpoku, noted that the fellowship was bestowed on citizens of all nations who have proven themselves as embodiments of integrity.

Kpoku noted that the Council having carried out over two years of extensive research with regards to the rector’s public service and national development , is indeed, very proud of his “unassailable statesmanship pedigree, vast manegerial acumen and shrewd administrative capabilities.”

“It is our firm belief that as a Fellow of this institute, you will impact positively your wealth of uncommon leadership successes, challenges and also cross-fertilise developmental ideas and policies with our notable corporate technocrats, public servants, professionals and veteran statespersons to move the African continent forward.”

In his response, Omokungbe thanked the institute for the recognition, adding that he was overwhelmed that his work was receiving recognition not just in the country, but also from an international body like CIPRMP.

“I am delighted to be nominated for this fellowship. It is practically impossible for me alone to do it without the support of supportive staff. This award is not only for me, but for all of us

“Now that I know that what we are doing is not only noted in Nigeria, but also outside the country, It gives me a kind of joy to do more and of course to see that the challenges ahead are worth facing. There would be distractions, but once one’s work is being recognised, that gives you the happiness to do more. I am enjoying the co-operation of members of staff. That is why I say together, we can achieve more.

“The greatest thing that people resist is change. So, when we came in, because we want to make an impression, we have to change from the normal way that they were doing before. That is a kind of challenge when you look at the resistance of people. I give all the glory to God; I will not change. I will continue to be myself and I will continue to uphold the truth that I am known for,” he stressed.