Shop Afrika Unveils Digital Marketplace


Ugo Aliogo
Shop Afrika has unveiled a new digital marketplace with the goal of bringing local markets into the E-commerce platform.
Speaking during a media briefing in Lagos, the Founder, Shop Afrika, Adeoye Fadeyibi, said the platform is a digital marketplace providing seamless engagement between sellers and buyers seeking to make transactions.

He also stated that the platform is one of a kind as it allows for customers to buy items online exactly as they would offline.
He further stated that ShopAfrika has on its platform, Aba New Market, Onitsha Main Market, Alaba international Market, Ladipo Market, Ariaria Market and Nnewi Market, adding that on platform customers are able to buy in bulk, haggle and pay by installments.
Fadeyibi said the platform seeks to give customers the real shop from home experience.

He noted that the value of pushing the market to Nigerians and across Africa’s large scale commercial shopping in Nigeria has had issues from distance, logistics, communication issues, trust, and security issues plaguing it.

According to him, “Shop Afrika’s solution is not only to solve convenience and logistics issues, but the brand also seeks to offer unprecedented solutions like financial support, verified merchants, solving the language barrier by incorporating indigenous languages, wide reach through a market agent system and technology innovations such as virtual reality to improve the customer shopping experience and high-level awareness for big business that do not have online presence.

“ShopAfrika is a platform that has the vision to revolutionise the customer shopping experience in the market.
“ShopAfrika’s vision is to be a platform where every barrier to seamless and convenient shopping, no matter the quantity is removed, and the customer feels truly satisfied.
“Aside shopping, the platform offers shipping and logistics services, warehouses and order fulfillment centres, customer services, pay by installments.”