An Appeal to Governor Sanwo-Olu


I thank the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu for the new Pen Cinema Bridge constructed for us and officially opened by the governor on 5th March, 2021. The Oba Ogunji Road the new bridge joins also received attention, giving the road an expressway look. But the joy of this beautiful infrastructure also comes with some fear.

That’s why I am using this medium to beg the governor to please put into consideration the plight of many residents of different estates located within the vicinity of the bridge and road, many of whom are elderly, feeble, or with other health challenges, who make use of the road, and have to take the risk of crossing the wide road for various daily activities. Also, for our children and wards who go to school or go on errands for the homes from time to time.
If this request is granted, it will reduce the risk of accidents and fatalities that could arise when crossing the road.
––Damian C. Odoemena,
Agege, Lagos