Rotimi Nwosa: Fashion Industry Has Grown Immensely


With several trends when it comes to fashion, be it bespoke or urban wears, the Nigerian fashion industry has indeed grown well in all corners. This was an assertion made by the Rotimi Nwosa, CEO, Ashikó clothing, an urban street wears that prides itself with quality and standard.

Rotimi said gone were those days when the fashion industry in Nigeria was not dully recognised but currently the Nigerian fashion Industry is recognized and appreciate all over the world and as such has given birth to lots of international fashion collaborations where our own Nigerian made outfit is been showcased on runways.

On the name Ashikó, Rotimi noted that he wanted something unique that expresses his persona.

He said: “I wanted something different, that expresses my person so it’s a name coined from the Yoruba word, Asiko which means time but I wanted to give it a different spelling and meaning. So, for me, Ashikó represents time being of the essence.”