A New Page as Olu Adewunmi Remarries


The show must go on. In this ceaseless pursuit for long life (and the happiness and satisfaction to accompany it), what does tragedy count for? And so, after many episodes of mishaps and misfortune, the renowned lawyer and businessman, and founder of Sail Harbour Resort Community and the Sail Harbour Foundation, Olumide Adewunmi, has struck gold in the form of a beautiful wife. Many drag their feet to walk out of old times and trials, preferring to stick to a harsh—but familiar life than build something new from scratch. But this is what Olu Adewunmi has done. His wedding to the young and radiant Glory Nina (the younger sister of Grace Makun, wife of renowned designer Yomi Casual) is truly the start of something good and a big step for the newlyweds.

The happy pair recently solemnised their union at Ikoyi on 13 March 2020. Before close relatives and friends, the couple pledged eternal allegiance and devotion to each other and delightedly started their journey as one happy man and one happy wife.

From reports, the new Mrs. Adewunmi has her husband’s heart on a string, and so she knows how to knead and knot it for maximum satisfaction and effect. (Reports claim that they were good friends for seven years and lovers for two.) And the big man does not mind, only happy that his new lease of marital life and breath of fresh air is as radiant, as alluring, and as delightful as an empress.

Many people would reckon that Olu Adewunmi has not had it easy in the last few years. His marriage to Adeola, the brains behind Bookworm Fame, crashed, and Olu Adewunmi was blamed for it. And then they lost their only son in 2018. And then Olu Adewunmi was blamed for the dissolution of another married couple. So much has happened since his breakup with the Bookworm chief, both good things and bad. But there is no doubt now that things are looking up. With Glory, Olumide Adewunmi is getting a new page and a new motivation to soar to the heavens in happiness and business.