To Commemorate its Fifth Anniversary, Temple Company Unveils Ogidi Studios


Vanessa Obioha

The Temple Company is set to open the doors of its new world-class audiovisual facility to all local and international players in the content production landscape. The full-fledged content production facility, Ogidi Studios signifies a paradigm shift for the creative powerhouse, which established a solid reputation in talent and event management when it launched five years ago.

Since then, the company has expanded its portfolio of services with a bold new extension in line with its mandate to elevate African excellence in the creative enterprise ecosystem.

Ogidi Studios is located in Lagos, the hotbed of entertainment in the most populous black West African country of Nigeria. The world-class infrastructure according to Group Chairman Tunde Folawiyo, is an entire ecosystem of production for both audio and video content from conception to completion.

The company’s Group Chief Executive Idris Olorunnimbe added that African talent could now utilise a domestic studio and realize the same outcomes as famed Hollywood studios.

“Ogidi Studios is an idea that was long overdue. We are excited to contribute our quota to help bring Nigeria to the table to flex muscles and compete favourably with global players such as celebrated international musicians, producers and creatives who have left a mark,” he said.

Ogidi Studio comprises dedicated audio and video production studios which can accommodate multiple projects simultaneously without interference. Its audio section includes rehearsal and recording studios with both analogue and digital facilities sound-proofed with the latest acoustics technology, making it the first studio in Sub-Saharan Africa and among the few in the world to take possession of what some call the Rolls Royce of sound recording. It houses the AMS Genesys Black console which is complemented with Augspurger speakers using analogue technology integrated into the studio environment and the digital audio workstations.

Electronic Engineer and home automation expert, Ron Jones, Founder, Infinite Technology Global who executed the project for Temple Company noted that with Ogidi Studios, Nigeria now operates on the same level of sound and video technology with global players.

“We are playing in a global market and people are looking for a certain standard in recording. Some of the international artists that are brought here from abroad are used to a certain level of equipment. With Ogidi Studios, we are not just building for Nigerian music for Nigeria but Nigerian music for the world. We are now operating at the same level using the same technology that is used throughout the world.”

He was supported by Jason Cropper of Vintage Kings Pro Audio Upfitter, an audio specialist and founding member of Grammy award-winning Rock Band, Weezer.

Ogidi’s video production facilities include a 17- by 11-foot green screen with adjunct tastefully furnished spaces such as dressing, beauty, make-up and waiting rooms. To complete the facilities are three-bedroom lodging apartments with exquisite interiors and finishing suitable for cast and crew which also double up as locations. The studio will have a grand opening tomorrow, Saturday 20.