Earn Bitcoin by Playing these Android Games


 Play android games to earn bitcoin

If you invested heavily in Bitcoin back in 2009, then you must be one of those people who gained substantial profits overnight. The popular cryptocurrency shows no signs of coming to a halt as more and more investors have started taking an interest in it. As of now, the currency looks likely to reach the $60,000 mark, with more people turning towards mining as a means to acquiring the currency before its reserves run out. You can earn online using platforms like cfdtrader

Once all 21 million Bitcoins are in circulation, miners can only profit from transaction fees, while investors can only trade in the currency based on the rise and fall in its prices. Recently, Bitcoin entered the gaming market, particularly Android gaming, leading to many switching from conventional gaming platforms to Blockchain gaming.

How does Blockchain Gaming Work?
In 2017 we can see a glimpse of this phenomenon by introducing CryptoKitties on the Ethereum blockchain. Your goal in the game was to breed and trade virtual cats. Players received in-game tokens from selling their cats which can then be exchanged for fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. This game was the first example where developers used the Blockchain for gaming purposes. Users liked it so much that it was slowing down the Ethereum platform.

Similarly, Android games are also gaining traction that allows you to earn Bitcoin. It’s fair to point out that not all of them are purely games. Like CryptoKitties, you may still need to make in-game assets to trade in Bitcoin. Here are some that may be of interest to you.

Bitcoin Blast
If you’re fond of playing the popular smartphone game candy crush, then you’ll surely enjoy playing Bitcoin Blast. The only difference is that you match-three Bitcoins with varying colors instead of swiping different types of candies. Players earn in bling points that let you earn bitcoins by trading on the popular exchange Coinbase. However, there are some downsides to this app. You need to install Coinbase separately, but it’s a free app and one time only. The game’s developer, LOADED, does mention that it takes a long time to gain substantial amounts of Bitcoin. Considering that Bitcoin’s value is skyrocketing, it might just be worth your while even to have a small amount of Bitcoin right now.

0xUniverse is another blockchain-based to hit the market. The game is based on space exploration to find resources. Players build spaceships and colonize planets to achieve this goal; however, worlds are finite, and their value increases with time, making the owner richer. Parts of the planet can be sold or held depending on player preference. As more and more players are interested in buying planets, especially legendary ones, their prices increase.

Like CryptoKitties, 0xUniverse also works on the Ethereum blockchain, requiring the Arkane wallet to play on your Android device. On top of that, you need to trade in ETH (Ethereum token) for in-game transactions like auctions, spaceship building, and plant leasing.

Remember the popular farming simulator Farmville? CropBytes is like that but lets you earn Bitcoin as you play. Available on the Android and the iOS platform, players can take on different roles like farmer, trader, or investor. As a farmer, you raise animals to receive extracts that can be traded on the market. You receive in-game crypto tokens that you can then exchange for Bitcoin on its digital wallet Tron.

The Future
Although blockchain games are still in infancy, they show potential to have a credible market share as more and more users start adopting them. Right now, they may not generate hefty profits for players but are expected to age with time. Developers still need to add new features like allowing users to trade directly using Bitcoin without wallets and introduce mechanisms that prevent players from cheating or hacking. Who knows? The future just is exclusively crypto when technology like this permeates our surroundings.