I Always Go The Extra Mile For My Customers, Says Stadelmann


By Ugo Aliogo

What is the secret of being a real estate success story? Go above and beyond for your customers, it is a principle that has always worked for Austrian real estate entrepreneur, Sandro Stadelmann.

Since founding his company Mister Immo GmbH in 2017, Sandro has pursued the ultimate service provision for his customers and reaped the reward with an increase in number of deals closed. “Me and my team go the extra mile of the extra mile for our customers, “he said.

In addition to that, they focus on taking their services to the place where it is critically needed. “We rely on highly effective marketing and ensure that both interested parties and real estate sellers receive the best possible advice.”

In addition to this, Sandro has found a way to leverage social media for further success, using the tool to scout prospective properties and customers as well as find new businesses. “Social media is a tool and I use it to by employing analytics and other data for business use,” he notede. “A lot of what the world is up to is there in this day and age, all we need to do is to take advantage of that information.

While taking advantage of those information, Sandro wants to help the next generation of realtors tap into social media too. “I think one of my biggest desires is to get people up to speed with the digital aspect of real estate,” he says. “We want to show them how to link with the buyers and sellers that are now increasingly resident on the internet because that’s the future.”

His programmes are specially created to focus on the dynamics of real estate in a world still reeling from the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic and one that is pivoting to digital mediums.

Through this all, Sandro wants to become Austria’s most successful real estate professional. I’m just getting started, I want to build up a multi-million Euro company.”