You just cannot imagine how I feel when I hear stories like this. I am very active on social media, and I read all sorts of escapist and jaundiced narrations of how this country has gone to the dogs. I do not even know where they expect redemption to come from with such alarmist perpetration of pessimism. Everybody has given up. Really sad. But once in a while, incurable minority optimist like us will receive a strong jolt of confidence like this Flutterwave transaction.

A Nigerian platform founded by Nigerians receiving $1 billion valuation and going ahead to raise over $100 million in capital. In this same country o. This country that people are doing banditry and sleeping with people’s maids and be shouting that it is over. This is massive and if we have sense, we should build on this and the other stories like this. I believe very strongly in this country.

I am not talking potential, because they have been talking this potential since I was born in 1969 but in the now. The next generation is already moving the country forward. They are not falling on the tired expectations of our lame older generations to build massive wealth creation enclaves. We will be a great country sooner than you know it. God will keep all of us alive. For the naysayers, I say make una dey use una mumu eyes they watch. Things are happening. A Nigerian firm valued at $1 billion? And you say the country is over? Be doing food blockade there and be running after cows. Things are happening.