Re: It’s Terrorism, Stupid!


Dear Editor,

From Biden’s gay rights (verboten in Nigeria) to unlawful appointments (Bawa bowed) and now terrorism (depending on which side of the prism), I have thoroughly enjoyed your column. Banditry? It’s terrorism simpliciter, and indeed, criminal negligence and the failure of governance and security in these Northern spaces, as they do not conform to the orthodox definition of States any longer. I’m also sad that those calling for the the break up of our country, are gaining ground in the hopeless blinkered optimism of an Eldorado of mini nation-States. l rather see an inferno of Dantesque proportions, if we break up.

Solution? We need to immediately massively recruit and train short service officers and soldiers, recall fit for purpose retired officers in a national emergency effort to secure the country, and bring this madness to an end. Meanwhile, we should also swallow our pride and engage Foreign Special Services, if you like “mercenaries” to push back these insurgents and terrorists, whilst training and expanding the forces.


Dear Editor,

Your editorial was insightful. And, on El-Rufai’s interview, the problem many people have with him is that he says what they are thinking, but will not verbalise.