Mbok, the first time I saw the ruling that we cannot levy traders at the Ikeja Computer Village, I thought the ruling was from the International Court in the Hague or at least the Ecowas Court. But on scrutiny, na court for Ikeja o. Come and see laughter for Duke Summit. People were saying how we can lose a court case for this our Lagos. The same Lagos wey 52 local government chairmen sign to remove sitting governor? Please, mummy, I think it is fake news because this one cannot happen. In Ikeja? Mostly Igbo traders? That they will not enter the lagoon on this one is what me I am waiting to see. But before we push them, please let’s wait until this fine Igbo girl that I am chasing agree for me first. She is very fine o. Sweet, brown skin and if you see her backside, you will understand why I am saying that we should hold on first before we do something about this ‘yeye’ ruling. Is this the beginning of the revolution? No be me dey ask o, na Demola Sanyaolu dey ask. Oya catch am.