Woli Arole All Set As TigerWit Brand Ambassador


Chiamaka Ozulumba

Nigeria’s versatile entertainer, Toyin Bayegun popularly called Woli Arole, is all set to enlighten Nigerians on wise financial investments in his new role as the brand ambassador of UK-based forex trade firm, TigerWit.

TigerWit is a firm that prides itself as a technology trading platform which provides a handful services, and helps clients access global interbank liquidity as well as trade in the global forex markets.

Today, the firm has chosen Woli Arole, who is famous for his many appealing talents as a social media influencer, movie producer, actor, MC, stand-up comedian, and skit maker. With over five million followers on social media, there is no gainsaying then that Woli Arole’s quality earned him the new portfolio.

For TigerWit, Woli Arole is a perfect reflection of ethics, transparency, and accountability which the firm needs to get to the public.

At the official signing ceremony held at the firm’s Lagos office, Woli Arole expressed optimism, as he rolled up his sleeves to get to work. He enthused that TigerWit Africa is an accountable and transparent firm that has carved a niche across the globe.

The influencer expressed: “If you look at TigerWit, it has successfully distinguished itself. It shows that people are convinced when you are limpid.

“My job is simple here. It is to communicate to the layman out there what the financial investment is all about. I have seen that this is genuine; anybody can be part of this irrespective of one’s financial status. People will easily accept because they are seeing my face to it.”

While leveraging on the integrity and credibility that he has built with his followers, Woli Arole bemoaned the increasing number of swindlers in the financial markets. “So people are careful on where to place their investment. If it is not TigerWit, it is nothing.”

Woli Arole has vowed to work his fingers to bone to promote the brand. “Skit, videos, photos, write ups and more are some of the strategies I will be adopting to create more awareness.”

In his remarks, TigerWit Director, Mr. David Onaolapo, outlined that the business is all about honesty and transparency, which needed to boost confidence of investors.

He told newsmen that when blockchain as a technology became acceptable globally in 2014, “TigerWit joined in 2015, but started in Nigeria in 2018.” Since then, he said TigerWit has created transparent market participatory processes for every investor.

Onaolapo further assured prospective investors that TigerWit was built on a blockchain system where every transaction is protected, secured, and immutable.

He acknowledged that people are concerned about the level of manipulations and fraudulent practices in the financial industry but assured that TigerWit creates a level ground that fosters transparency and accountability, hence the choice of Arole as ambassador.

On the choice of Woli Arole, the director said they wanted somebody who embodies the brand itself. “We look at what we stand for; at TigerWit we stand for clarity, accountability, character and what is very lacking in the financial market – transparency.”