Business Coach Boss Assures Business Clarity for SMEs


Mary Nnah

Bukola Ogunwale, the CEO of Business Coach Zone has restated her organisation’s commitment to helping individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to find clarity in their careers and businesses.

Ogunwale, who described Business Coach Zone as an organisation that helps people clarify all areas of their businesses, explained that large organisations may have the capacity to employ experts for different key areas of business, but a small business owner may not have the capacity to do the same.

She said SMEs need expertise to grow their businesses adding that “a business owner may be good at sourcing for goods, but may not be so great at marketing, or keeping accounting records or managing Human Resources”.

She explained that at Business Coach Zone, business owners are helped to clarify all the areas of business growth, they interact with experts, they discover the errors they have been making, and are helped to carve out a way forward, with necessary templates and structure documents that can help them in areas for improvement.

She assured that when business owners interact with courses from Business Coach Zone, they gain the mind sets, skills and tools that help them successfully scale their organisations.

She hinted that Business Coach Zone also helps people in careers to understand and inculcate the notion of working like entrepreneurs, so they can take ownership of their job functions and grow as they help their organisations to grow.

The clarity coach said they have worked with several corporate organisations to train their staff members on the art of entrepreneurship and with banks to train entrepreneurs as well.

Ogunwale who is also a co-founder in i-Fitness Gym and a founder of Coach B Fitness Zone noted that she was inspired to commence Business Coach Zone to fill the knowledge gap that entrepreneurs face in business know-how and profitability.

“My first few years in corporate law were spent sitting in board meetings where seasoned professionals deliberated on businesses, why some were grounded and why some others succeeded.

“I discovered that passion alone is not sufficient to build a company. There must be industry know how, there must be a determination to provide the solution to problems people are grappling with.

“Entrepreneurs need to keep good records so as to ensure that they are not just doing business activities but are making good profit. Your business is at its best when you are at your best” she noted.

Hence one of the biggest aspects she focuses on in the Business Coach Zone is the personal growth of the entrepreneur.

“When you look at the example of a person who has tried their hands at different businesses and keep failing or going round in circles, you will realise that the problem is not often with the different businesses but with the person.”

She noted that many do not take time out to be trained in the business aspect of their passion, and this is a major reason why their businesses struggle, adding that Business Coach Zone fills this gap by training entrepreneurs regardless of their reasons for starting a business.

“I help people to reinvent themselves by coaching them. There are always opportunities around us, if only we know where to search for them.

“Indeed the economy has felt the impact of COVID, however, the more countries lock their physical borders down, the more the online portals seem to open up wider for commerce.

“Now, a person can pick up a laptop in Lagos, Nigeria and offer excellent graphics designing work to a client in New York and be paid in foreign currency for their services.

“Perspective is everything, and with the right coaching, everyone can discover within them, particular needs of their society or of the world that they can meet and be rewarded for” she added.

Some of the courses offered at Business Coach Zone include the Business Clarity Course, The CEO Personal Growth Course, the Fitness Mindset Course, the Doer’s Course, the Staff Training Manual and so many more. Ogunwale also has an app called the Vision Journal App that helps users to be more intentional and to take charge of their lives rather than following the bandwagon.