Yoruba Leadership Group Tasks Buhari on Insecurity


The Yoruba Ronu Leadership Forum has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to break his culture of silence on issues of national security, noting that when Nigerians are looking for redemption from insecurity, the president has developed a culture of unending silence.

In a statement issued yesterday by the President of the group, Mr. Akin Malaolu, the group alleged the lack of interest of the president to the open letter authored by former President Obasanjo in 2019 in the aftermath of late Mrs. Funke Olakurin gruesome murder by some Fulani bandits.

The statement noted that in the said letter, Obasanjo gave a vivid account of conditions of things and also offered the way forward to Buhari “Our assessment of our precarious conditions is worrisome and dangerous as well. The conditions chief Obasanjo observed are still well and alive today,” the group said, pointing out that “this is not the time for recrimination or blame game but a time for leaders who still love Nigeria and its diversity to come together and heal our nation”.

The group disclosed that the debates today are centered on the recklessness of some Fulani renegades, adding that the development is unfortunately interpreted to cover all Fulanis.

“This narrative must change against such a minority tribe with less than twenty million in a population of two hundred and thirty million people. We must avoid looming genocide that may have dire consequences on humanity,” it said.

The group urged Nigerians to come together and fashion ways out of the terrible waters, insisting that there is fire on the mountain.