This one carry him white bear bear go inauguration. The election was really fought and the people listened to see if things would be different this time around, na Obaseki coming back to APC be him agenda for second term.

I just tire. Yesterday as I was doing my work, all the office I went to including my sister Chioma Okigbo’s, na the inauguration dem they show.

I did not bother to watch as the whole thing looked so tacky and unorganized. You know how our things dey be. Common sweet ceremony, we cannot organize. Did you guys see the Biden inauguration, abeg that one is still far but the organization, the discipline, the grace and elegance? This one, people are running around shouting Yoruba, not caring that they are on live TV. That is how the man of the moment is talking about Obaseki amongst other things that did not even begin to resonate in my ears.

How Obaseki coming back to APC help you to deliver the dividends you have promised your people? Abeg come and do and go. Good thing is that four years is not long o, before you realize it, it is over and na ex we go dey see before him name. It’s good. We really do need visionary leaders, these ones we are seeing for this our country na journeymen. I just tire.