Not So Smart Afterall!

Smart Adeyemi

Senator Smart Adeyemi, in the week that just ended, stirred a reprehensible disagreement, when he called the Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu a drunkard. According to the Kogi Senator, he was fighting his governor, Yahaya Bello’s battle, because a senator from Abia, Eyinnaya Abaribe, had first taken a swipe at his governor.

Turning an otherwise hallowed chamber into a circus is the signature of an average Nigerian lawmaker and Adeyemi didn’t fall far from the lot. Of all the issues affecting the nation at this time, picking up his governor’s fight and uttering outright twaddle was what caught his fancy.

Although Abaribe had come out to deny the statement that prompted Adeyemi’s venom, describing as social media manipulation, point is, even if he had said so, the opportunity of a response should have made Adeyemi appear different and more honourable.
But because he was unable to give what he didn’t have especially, when the need to play to the gallery was more pressing, he lost it all and shamefully so.

That show of dishonour by Adeyemi on the floor of the senate was condemnable to say the least and rather spoke to the reign of a small mind inspired by the inability to live above board. Just maybe that was the best he could offer!