Gbenga Ashafa: Quiet Revolution Making Loud Impact

Gbenga Ashafa
Gbenga Ashafa

While some Nigerian government agencies are still deciding what the agenda for the year 2021 is, the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) has stepped out of the shadows with blazing accomplishments. Certainly, the handiwork of its MD, Senator Gbenga Bareehu Ashafa, the agency is raising Nigerians’ hopes and giving settling their minds on better prospects than the present.

Under the directions of Senator Ashafa, the federal government just opened up its first estate and delivered the ownership of the three- and four-bedroom apartments to the beneficiaries of the National Housing Fund (NHF) Loan Scheme in Lekki, Lagos. This, according to Ashafa, is the first of its kind in Lagos and the maiden step in a plan consisting of many others.

Senator Ashafa announced and celebrated the development on February 19, during the estate’s launching, the Silvercrest Oakwood Estate. Ashafa reminded the public that this was only part of the National Housing Fund (NHF) scheme to build and deliver 300,000 affordable housing units to Nigerians everywhere.

While the beneficiaries of the 38 apartments in Silvercrest Oakwood were rejoicing at their fortune, Ashafa called on Nigerians on a steady income to invest in the programme and qualify for a mortgage worth 15 million (at six percent interest rate). He also noted that most folks are ignorant of such schemes as the NHF, which are only generally obtainable in Europe.

But Ashafa and his people are dream makers through and through. In about six months, Ashafa has polished the FHA’s reputation, stealing the people’s hearts and earning himself respectful nods. Wisdom, indeed, is judged by her works.

Ashafa is not blowing his trumpets on top of these accomplishments but has his eyes fixed on greater heights. First 300,000 affordable housing units across the State capitals of Nigeria—then something even more mind-blowing. That is Gbenga Ashafa for you.