What If We All Die?


No amount of money can substitute for anyone’s life. Our lives are precious and the only treasure that we can have.

Over the years, Nigeria has witnessed so many loss of lives, especially as a result of the insurgency. While Nigeria is being considered as the giant of Africa, the strength it has to tackle the insurgents is farfetched.

The issue of unity in diversity is unfortunately being lost. Nigeria is confronted by multiple security challenges, notably the resilient Boko Haram insurgency, long-running discontent and militancy in the Niger Delta, and the increasing violence between herders and farming communities.

Instead of one big Nigeria, the nation is gradually being split by cultural and religious biases.

Herders for a while now, have been involved in deadly contacts with farmers across the country, and now sadly, we have cases of abductions for ransom.

The Boko Haram insurgency, which government had promised to bring to an end, doesn’t seem to be a promise kept.

Unemployment, bad governance, lack of quality education, inadequate basic infrastructure, corruption and corrupt practices of government officials, perceived victimization, arrant poverty in the midst of affluence, ethnic superiority, religious superiority, domination and exploitation, kidnapping, and cultism, are few among many causes of insurgence in Nigeria.

The big question remains, how safe are we in Nigeria?

EZekiel Sunday, Dept of Mass Communication, University of Maiduguri