I’m Worried about Next Generation of Youths Who Lack Mentorship, Says Traditional Medicine Expert

Lagos State-born health expert, Aisha Tolu Idris, who is also the founder of the popular Aisha Secrets, says she is afraid for the next generation of youths .

Aisha said she was concerned about the lack of mentorship for young minds, who are daily going astray, engaging in social vices and all what not.

“When young people do not have who they look up to for guidance, what we see is a society almost in a state of anarchy, as everyone becomes an authority to themselves.

“I grew up on the streets of Owoyemi, in Ajegunle area of Lagos, I can tell, how life sometime could be for people without the right mentorship or mental attitude,” Aisha said.

She informed that she had always wanted to be a role model to young ladies in the society, likewise to keep reaching out to more women all over Africa and the world, hosting big fairs and getting to meet her clients.

“What we are doing at Aisha Secrets, is to sensitize people on the need to embrace traditional medicine. Some persons call it fetish, which it is not. The same herbal products are exported and rebranded into our every day drugs and cream, and people still patronize it.

“We should develop a mindset to encourage our own products, irrespective of who is involved in the sales. I believe that if Africans will do away with the western mindset of patronizing foreign products, our local products will be greatly encouraged to thrive,” Aisha said.

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