Teacher’s Diary

Clear Guidelines Against Sleeping in Class

There is absolute need to reiterate the guidelines against the temptation of sleeping in class especially given what COVID-19 has foisted on the world!
The following is a checklist of the ideal things to do at the end of the day. Which ones apply to you?
1) Turning off the television and radio
2) Emptying your bladder and bowels before bed, so you don’t need to get up for the toilet in the night
3) Sleeping on a firm mattress and pillows to avert body aches and pains
4) Dimming the light in your bedroom or turning it off at bedtime
5) Taking a relaxing shower or bath before bed
6) Taking a light warm cup of chocolate drink which some find relaxes them at bedtime
7) Leaving a party early to catch a good night sleep
8) Keeping your surroundings mosquito and rodents-free
What would make a teacher constantly drop his/her head on the table in the staff room and sleep off? Worse still what would make you doze off during staff meetings whilst important matters are being discussed? Why are you not addressing the constant humiliation you suffer, when your students catch you sleeping or dozing in class?
A common culprit in this matter is insomnia. Insomnia refers to repeated or recurrent experiences of inadequate sleep. Sleep is an essential part of good health and wellbeing. A good night’s sleep helps you feel good, look healthy, work effectively and think clearly.

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