A Global Pan Demonic Via-US

Dear reader, kindly apply King James Version of Holy Bible in a careful search out of this article. In 2019, a series of my Scriptural Paraphrases and Illustrations in Ehugbo Dialect (SPIED), was published on this tabloid. No sooner was I done publishing than the Corona Virus (COVID-19) detected in 2019, broke out. Unlike Ebola Haemorragic Fever which has remained contained in tropical Africa, COVID-19 was soon to take on a global dimension and was declared ‘Pandemic’.

The disease not only led to government shut down, it shut down Churches. Both the Presbytery and the Holy Roman Catholic Church of God as well as the Market (Synagogue of Satan) were shut down Mk11:15, Rev2:9. The air-borne disease, which we are told is a variant of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), continues to confound the logic of science and reason of philosophy such that we inevitably have to concede to the cosmic realm. The truth is that COVID-19 is a Pandemic Virus, parody of which is ‘Pan Demonic Via Us’, via us because, we are the vectors of the contagion and the root cause, for plagues as evident from Exo 9:27 Eph6:12 are brought about by the sin of Kings, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness of people obtaining in the heavenlies with Satellite tree, Satan-light tree which as implicit in Gen3:6-7 represent the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The contagion is spread like the wings of an air-craft borne by ill-wind and ‘Trade’, trade-wind represented by the World Trade Center, the Manhattan twin towers, sky-scrappers, Skype, demolished by an angel on 9/11 and was put back up, but do not ants build hills? Yet have they no knowledge. It is not for what but why that the Lord will judge and as it is with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, so it was with Sodom and Gomorrah. But going back to my un-folding brief, darkness is the harbinger of plagues. This is made clear in Psm 91:5-6 quote “…thou shalt not be afraid …of the terror by night…the pestilence that walketh in darkness…” so it was, that the Dr. we saw not, Dr. Sawyer, breezed in, under the cover of darkness air-borne by wind from Liberia with Ebola, a plague, which the LORD did not put upon Nigeria.

Similarly, pitch darkness was an impetus for the 7-plagues of Egypt, the Diseases of Egypt Dt28:60. Darkness speaks of the rare total eclipse witnessed in 2019, of the sun and moon which are for signs of the time and seasonal weathers of chance, by force majeur, of the King-domain of the variable cause, a cumulative causation of domino effect Gen1:14, Exo10:21, Rev19:16. The Locust ravaging the horn of Africa, signifies plunder and famine, such that people shall be looking for jabs not jobs. Jobs that have been virtually taken over by digital devises that are good means to bad ends, for they are a product of technology and science which according to 1Tim6:20, is falsely so called. Governments are now eager to pay people for staying home doing nothing, just to halt the spread and to keep their nation in states of liquidity and their economies afloat.

The plague is characterized by Frogs Exo8:6, frogs known as ‘Mbara awo’ in Igbo, Barawo in Hausa, meaning ‘thief’ which according to Jn10:10 “…comes not but for to steal to kill …” resulting in death from the sting of the adder, an infection with venom, representing the grave and piles of corpses that stink Exo7:18, signifying flies Exo8:24 and so says 1Cor15:54-56 ”… O death where is thy sting, O grave where is thy victory…for death shall be swallowed up…” that death is the adder, serpent swallowed up by the rod of Moses as a fore-shadow, which was counterfeited by Egyptian magicians as lies, Lice Exo8:18, the lying wonders of the devil an attribute of the plague Exo 7:12. The plague is attended by hailstones the size of cricket balls Exo9:22, as experienced in Australia in November 2019 and Boil Exo9:9, boiling point temperature in gradual attainment due to climate change, such as was recorded in Australia in 2020, such that people resorted to dedicated public Spas. These will gradually result in severe drought and famine and intense struggle, over dwindling resources, such that the beast-mark, a chip on the fore-head and arm shall become a regulation of access to digital trade with crypto currency Rev13:16-17.

For money shall eventually fail not backed by productivity, such that the note of promise can no longer be kept by the federal reserve as legal tender and medium of exchange in store as the value of vain choices. This will invariably lead to conflict of powerful interests on a regional scale to be followed by a global war represented by pool of blood-shed Exo9:20, a property of the plague. The conflict is preceded by the drying up of Ogun River, by the scent-of-water from on-high, water hyacinth, poured out from the vial of the 6th angel Rev 16:12, Job14:9 and the emergence in 2016, of D.J, the 1st Trump that is sound, whose second coming will coincide with a resurgence of Aryan racism, the teaching of Nazis and Conspiracy theorisation.

The interval between the first pandemic of 100yrs ago and the pandemonium of the 1st world war might be shorter than that between this 2nd pandemic and the 3rd and last war which was given fuller consideration in my 1st SPIED in the published series ‘Last War Is ISIS Not North Korea’. COVID-19 is not only via us, it is Pan-demonic, demons that are ‘Many’, a ‘Legion’, according to Mk5:9. In the matter of legion, Re-Legion, religious bigotry against the coming HE that WAS and IS and IS, WARS of ISIS, Islamic States In Syria shall aggravate the conflict Rev 1:4 11:17 but the war shall be triggered off by the soon coming HE that IS and WAS ISWAS, Islamic States in West African States Rev1:8. The coming 3rd war is the star-war and Armageddon.

The Book of St. Peter captures the cause and effect of that war vividly in 2Pet3:10-12“…but the day of the Lord shall come as [death] as a thief by the night [in darkness] in the which the heavens shall pass-away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the [wicked] works thereof shall be burned up…looking [unto] and hasting [events shall be speedy] for the day of the Lord…” looking unto the serpent [the adder on a pole] Logo of the WHO, a counterfeit, looking unto the serpent that was lifted up in the wilderness that whoso looketh unto him shall not perish but have eternal life Num21:9 Jn3:14

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