Mydrim Gallery Set for First Show of the Year


Yinka Olatunbosun

Mydrim Gallery is ready to present ‘Landscapes and Beyond’, the first show of the year at Ikoyi this Saturday February 13, 2021.

The show which runs till February 28 features two landscape painters, Joseph Ayelero and Oluwafemi Otoki who use their varied skills to influence our existence and the result being their technically and aesthetically pleasing offerings. The salon parades paintings that demonstrate the continued impact of landscapes, which remain as relevant today as they were at the time of their creation. Both artists have explored the intertwined relationship of art and landscapes over time by painting views that are entirely imaginary or documented from reality with varying degrees of accuracy.

‘Landscapes and Beyond’ is a presentation of works that span over a decade beginnning in 200. Those years were key periods for the artists as they marked the beginning of their full time studio practice. The salon reveals techniques, styles and ideas that highlight the tranquil nature of rural environments. Both artists have explored their interests in landscape painting and with good fortune have achieved commercial success. They create vibrant landscapes primarily using oil, acrylic and pastel thus enabling their viewers appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. There is a delicate and warm depiction of the colours, sights and possible feelings that capture the atmospheric elements and multifaceted beauty of the rural surroundings of the South West of Nigeria.

Both artists have used their limitless creative abilities to convey beautiful scenes through their use of striking colours, balance of textures, light and shadows. We see further evidence of these creative expressions in their depiction of vibrant greens, blue skies, sunrise, sunsets, bodies of water and other natural elements.

Some of the paintings explore subject matters such as identity as seen in works like “Where I Grew Up II” (2012) by Joseph Ayelero and “Ijero Ekiti – My Hometown” (2019) by Oluwafemi Otoki; the importance of nature and its elements in works like “Nature and Us” (2009) by Oluwafemi Otoki and “Through the Field” (2014) by Joseph Ayelero, “Living on Water” (2020) by Oluwafemi Otoki and “At the Riverbank” (2013).