Telecoms Dealers Drum Support for Globacom


Some telecommunications dealers and partners have said their businesses have recorded sustained growth with Globacom, while pledging support for the brand.

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Zeph Ventures Limited, Mr. Tochukwu Nwosu, a telecoms services dealer in north-central Nigeria, commended the support that Globacom provides its trade partners and dealers.

In a feedback engagement session organised for trade partners in Abuja recently, Nwosu outlined his journey as a dealer of Globacom. “Our relationship with Globacom was from inception of my company, right from 2005. Today, we cannot define ourselves in Zeph Ventures without adding Globacom. The brand has become part of our family as a business because we can directly link our success to the success of the Glo brand.”

He further noted, “The graph has only been trending upwards ever since we came on board. For instance, last month was our best month so far. We have recorded sustained growth over the years. We equally also see ourselves as beneficial partners to Globacom, so it’s a win-win relationship. Overall, the advantages of being a Globacom dealer are enormous”.

Other dealers at the engagement session, Alenssar Infinity, Dio Associates, Hamzadex, Jamdat, Joelink, Salmana, and Persec Enterprise, equally reiterated the support they receive from Globacom and how it has enabled them to record sustained growth in their businesses.

Globacom as a business provides significant support to dealers across its value chain and empowers them to have the best chance at success at different levels of operation. According to a source in the company, the network provides finance and strategy support to its dealers. Specifically, top-performing dealers get trade credit, bank guarantees, operational policy recommendations, to mention a few.”

Nwosu’s Zeph Ventures Limited is projecting to increase its revenue and profitability performance significantly in 2021 with the continued support of Globacom through its robust trade incentives and a consistent roll-out of innovative telecom products and services.