Emirates Explains Rapid COVID-19 Test

Emirates Airlines has said that it introduced the rapid COVID-19 test for passengers travelling from Nigeria as part of efforts to control the spread of the virus.

“As part of the UAE Government’s ongoing efforts to ensure a safe and healthy environment in its fight against the COVID pandemic, a range of health requirements and testing protocols have been put in place. Similarly, to the measures taken by governments around the world, including the Nigerian Government, protocols like testing frameworks undergo reviews and updates based on the prevailing situation at the time,” it stated.

The latest updated requirement mandated by the UAE government is that passengers travelling from Nigeria to Dubai are required to complete a Rapid COVID-19 test no more than 4 hours before departure, in addition to PCR tests done within 72 hours before departure at approved laboratories.

“Emirates is keen to ensure that flights between Nigeria and Dubai continue. We moved very quickly to ensure that RAPID COVID-19 testing facilities were ready in Abuja and Lagos for our passengers.

“Emirates would like to reiterate that the new testing requirements are in no way intended to single out Nigerian passengers, and that these measures are being followed to safeguard the health and safety of all those travelling, as mandated by the UAE government.

“Passengers travelling to Dubai from over 55 countries undergo similar measures, including a number of other African countries,” it added.

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