The US President’s stance on abortion is not right, argues Sonnie Ekwowusi

Newly-inaugurated U.S President Joe Biden has started badly. Within his first three days in office, Mr. Biden wasted no time in lifting the ban on the use of American tax payers’ money in funding abortion in African countries including Nigeria. I don’t know why Mr. Biden is obsessed with abortion. Ex-President Donald Trump stopped the abortion funding but President Joe Biden has reinstated it. This is evidence of the shape of Biden’s foreign policy in Africa. Why is Mr. Biden doing this to us? Why is he paying us back with abortion? One good turn, they say, deserves another. African-Americans including Nigerian-Americans voted massively for Biden in the last U.S Presidential election. Out of gratitude, Mr. Biden has appointed some Nigerian-Americans in his government. Now, the same Biden is turning round to sponsor an instrument of mass destruction; a horrendous white supremacist holocaust targeted at exterminating the so-called ”socially undesirable people” in Nigeria and other African countries.

Terrible. I will never forget what Dr. Alveda King, niece of former civil rights movement leader, Martin Luther King Jr, told me at a New York City Restaurant a few years ago. On learning I was a Nigerian, she turned, looked at me sternly in the face and said, “Don’t let what happened to us happen to you”. Obviously by “us” she meant black Americans, and by “you”, she meant Nigerians. In case you have forgotten your history, please permit me to refresh your memory once more. Ms. Margaret Louise Sanger (1879-1966), founder of Planned Parenthood of America, endorsed the murder of Negros whom she branded as “socially undesirable people” who were unfit to live. She was out to exterminate the blacks. Recall her famous statement to conceal her intention of exterminating the blacks: “we should hire three or four coloured ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population. The minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their moral rebellious members”.

Although Sanger is dead, her eugenic philosophy has outlived her. About 78% of the abortion clinics of the Planned Parenthood of America are located within the black population with blacks as targets. For instance, 45% of abortions carried out in America are among blacks. In fact demographic experts predict that if this trend remains unchecked black votes may be insignificant in the US by the year 2038. In New York City for instance, which is regarded as the abortion capital of the world, uncountable number of African-American girls and single mothers besiege the abortion clinics every day to surrender their babies to be killed. This killing of African-American babies in New York City and other American cities has been interpreted as the new genocide against black world.

Go back to your history books. Or, visit the website, if you like. Read G.K Chesterton on Margaret Sanger. Read the history of Planned Parenthood Federation of America founded by Sanger. Learn to ask questions. Don’t swallow hook, line and sinker the lies they have been telling you. Think for yourself. Reflect. An unexamined life, said Socrates, is not worth living. Read your books again. Don’t depend on the CNN, BBC, New York Times, social media as the only sources of acquiring knowledge. Permit me to recommend one good book for your reading pleasure. Title: The Abortion Holocaust: Today’s Final Solution. Author: William Brennan. In the said book, Brennan persuasively argues that the propaganda for permissive abortion under the guise of protecting the health of women was formulated by Berlin Chamber of Physicians in 1933. It was the same Berlin Chamber of Physicians that was responsible for including the “health of the mother” as a camouflage for legalized abortion during the Third Reich. Like the Berlin Chamber of Physicians the US Supreme Court in ROE V WADE interpreted the phrase: “health of the mother” or “maternal health” very loosely to encompass broad spectrum of abortion rationalizations. Later the World Health Organization’s (By the way, the WHO, funded by Bill Gates, has steadily been promoting abortion, teen safe-sex and prostitution among girls across the world since its foundation on April 7 1948) definition of health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing” would be used as health-related reasons for sponsoring abortion. Today, “high maternal mortality”, is a subterfuge or a wedge used by the West to promote abortion under any possible justification in Africa.

Mr. Biden claims that he reinstated the funding of abortion (halted by Trump) in African countries because denying African women abortion amounts to an “attack on women’s health access”. I have never heard a more illogical and warped reasoning. President Biden, tell that to the horse marines. Is abortion food that African women must eat in order to stay alive? How can Mr. Biden claim that infanticide, that is, the killing of babies enhances women’s health? Abortion is the greatest violence to women. What is abortion, anyway? A doctor inserts some sharp instruments into a pregnant woman’s womb through her vagina, seeks out the baby, clutches the head of the baby, rips apart the baby’s body, draws out everything through the vagina with a large quantity of blood and empties all the dead baby’s broken parts into a container.

This is the gruesome murder which President Biden dubs “women’s health access”. Tufiakwa! What is “healthy” in murdering an innocent baby in the womb? Why the international conspiracy to kill defenseless babies reminiscent of the slaughtering of innocent babies by Herod and the massacre of the Jews during the Nazi era? Life is live and let live. The danger for Biden is that by sponsorship the killing of innocent babies in America and overseas, he is courting unnecessary hatred for himself. If my last check is anything to rely on, Biden’s approval rating had dropped to 29%. African women are angry. Recently they sent him a video telling him that African women deserve the good things of life not abortion. In case you have forgotten, 77% of Americans including 64% pro-choicers are opposed to using federal funds to support abortion both in America and overseas including African countries. As we speak, Catholic nuns called Little Sisters of the Poor are weeping. Why? Because Mr. Biden is forcing them to pay for abortion irrespective of their conscientious objection to the contrary. Aside the Little Sisters of the Poor, pro-life Christian evangelicals, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, free-thinkers, Atheists, Agnostics, believers and unbelievers, men and women of our time across the world are unhappy with Biden due to the aforesaid reason. Small wonder Mr. Biden’s approval rating is diminishing day by day notwithstanding that he hasn’t clocked 100 days in the White House.

In promoting transgenderism, Biden will make Obama look like Phyllis Stewart Schlafly. In the name of “redefining all policies and regulations regarding discrimination based on sex to include “gender identity” or “transgenderism”, Mr. Biden had, in his first few hours in office, issued an Executive Order, without Congress approval, to the effect that male students in the United States who claim that they are females could compete together in sports with girl students irrespective of their biological sex.

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