NGF’s Misplaced Priority

The Nigerian Governors Forum, last week, met with members of the Miyetti Allah group following the eviction notice issued them by some parts of Southwest in view of the nefarious activities of some criminal herders.

However, whilst there’s nothing wrong with the NGF meeting the association to report the criminal elements amongst them and find a last solutions to their criminalities, the question that has been left unanswered is: where does that leave the victims and their families?

The likely interpretation of that decision, which of course had gained attention in some quarters, was how the governors thought that ignoring the victims of the herdsmen’s attacks and their family could actually engender altruistic peace in communities where these people co-exist?

Not only do the herdsmen boast a feeling of importance, they carry on with some sense of superiority over other ethnic nationalities and atop that, get away with the vilest of offences. In what context, therefore, do the governors think placing the criminals above their victims would heal wounds? They definitely didn’t get this right, no matter how much mileage they might have recorded from it.

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