Please don’t disgrace me oga. After the #EndSARS protests, I had put your name on the list of young Nigerians to watch out for. Since the protest, you have dyed your hair pink, put on nose ring and moved on. Now people are laughing at me.

All that gra gra you were doing during that time quoting constitution, jumping on okada without shirt, reeling out data against the government and generally leading the push has now ended where o? Oga, why do you do like this na? I had thought that by now you would have corralled all that energy into a credible political movement towards enshrining the kind of leadership you wanted.

So, all was just PR and for ‘like’ on Instagram so that the babes can see that you have chest. My brother this is wayo o. You have to come out and continue the struggle. Vie for elective position or support candidates that will make a difference. You are embarrassing me o with this your yeye silence abeg.

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