Winners Emerge in Hackathon

AXA Mansard has announced winners of its just-concluded Data Science Week 2020 Hackathon event.

The Hackathon supported by Zindi Africa, is a private challenge event on data analytics opened to only AXA Mansard employees. The challenge which lasted for four days, had 21 data scientists enrolled and four on the leader-board. Three winners were announced by Tekedia Institute, a United States-based institution with a focus on business management and leadership development.

Speaking about the Data Science Week Challenge, along with other nine speakers from three continents, was the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Data Officer, Ngozi Ola-Israel, who explained that the challenge was geared towards driving the increased adoption of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in the organisation by empowering the employees of AXA Nigeria with relevant Data Analytics and Machine Learning skills needed for them to be more effective in their day-to-day task thereby bringing more value to the business.

Whilst thanking the participants, organisers and leaders on board, she said the company would continue to take active steps to use data analysis to make a sustainable impact in the insurance space.

The Hackathon challenge aimed to see how a hypothetical company could use her employees’ data between the first three years to give insight into why employees were leaving the company. These insights were then used to propose actionable steps for the hypothetical company. AXA Mansard awarded the winners with cash prizes and will also be sponsoring the winners to Tekedia Institute’s Mini-MBA on “Innovation, Growth and Digital Execution – Techniques for Building Category-King Companies”.

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