Inside the World of Nigeria’s Most Stylish Pastor, Siju Iluyomade


The days are long past when men and women of God wore the faith under a robe of impoverishment and monotonous vestments. Present-day overseers of Christian assemblies, especially, have taken to showing the way in all walks of life. Siju Iluyomade is a case study.

A lawyer, public speaker, activist, and pastor, Dr. Siju Iluyomade is unlike most people in the courtroom, podium, or pulpit. Easily striding back and forth across the bridge established by both sides of the religious and non-religious outlooks, Iluyomade has managed to be relevant to both: spiritual enough to be the light to the world, and contemporary enough to inspire everyday people.

Since she hit the ground running with her Arise Women Conference, the 56-year-old has raised the bar all over the country on the identity of women as capable members of humanity, their upliftment and empowerment, and the truth about their being “…the hand that rocks the cradle (that) rules the world.”

For many, Dr. Siju Iluyomade is the super-stylish wife of Pastor Idowu Iluyomade (also known as Pastor ID), a senior pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God City of David Parish, Victoria Island, Lagos. In truth, Iluyomade’s fashion sense and sheer magnetic presence are enough to convince one that she is ‘other’—that is, that she is different, a natural-born leader and pillar of change and transformation. And this is what she has done with her faith-based non-governmental organisation (NGO) for women empowerment and Handmaidens Women in Leadership Series (HWILS), Arise Women.

With Siju Iluyomade, you get more than a rapid-fire pulpit style. The fair lady’s stylish composition puts one in mind of a lady of pageants: breathtaking and harmonious. With Iluyomade, you get philanthropy, grassroots development, all-round nation-building, and unintentional tips for how to dress, address, and impress.