The war has been raging. They say my guy did not attend the University of Ibadan and that his certificate was purchased by the roadside near the Benin motor park in Lagos. Thankfully, the University of Ibadan has come out again to state that the man was their student and that he graduated in 1979 abi he enter 1979? Whatever, the most important thing is that he sha went to the school.

Me sef, I no doubt because the English the man used to speak cannot be English learnt from watching NTA which his accusers did while still in their tailoring shops. This man should be left alone and let’s see what he can do for the people of Edo State. His first term was quite colourful as he impacted especially in the area of education but all these distractions from very ugly godfathers would not let him concentrate. So now that he has won his second and final term, they should just allow him to concentrate after all it’s just four years na and it will soon finish. But bros if you go university in 1979, that means you are not today pikin o. Kai, you don old o. You no be youth na. Lol.