Glo Offers Customers 22-Fold Return


Globacom, a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company, has offered all its inactive prepaid customers who have not used their lines for 30 consecutive days 22 folds returns on every recharge of N100 and above.

This was revealed in a statement by Glo Corporate Communications Office recently, promising to give all its customers a delightful experience nationwide

With the new offer, the statement said subscribers who recharge with N100 “will be credited with N2, 200 in value. First, they will receive the N100 recharge amount in their main account, which they can use on any Glo product as they wish.

“In addition, they will receive a bonus value of N2, 100, which can be used for voice calls to all networks in Nigeria and for data,” the statement said.

The company explained that customers, who recharge with N1,000 “will get N22,000 worth of value comprising N1,000 credit in their main account, which they can use on any Glo product as they wish and a bonus value of N21,000 for voice calls to all networks in Nigeria and for data.”

Also in its statement, Globacom stated that subscribers could enjoy an unprecedented 5GB free data and hundreds of bonus minutes every month for 3 months, depending on the amount recharged.

The telecom giant said: “This is by far the biggest of such bonuses being offered by any operator in the market. The plan, which empowers customers to satisfy their browsing and calling needs, is another effort by Globacom to give its subscribers more value for their money.

“The customer does not need to dial any USSD code to migrate or memorize a special recharge string, rather they will get the offer automatically when they simply recharge their lines with N100 or more.

“What’s more, the customer still gets the full recharge amount in his/her main account, with 100% freedom to use it the way he or she wants”, Globacom said.

It added that the voice and data bonus received on each recharge “is valid for seven days from the recharge date. Value credited to the main account does not expire. The 22X benefit applies to both physical and electronic recharges.

“Confirmation messages will be sent to customers’ phones after every recharge. Where confirmation messages are not received, customers can dial #122# to view their bonus,” the telecom giant said.

It called on all its subscribers who have not been using their Glo lines to make utmost use of the opportunities provided by the 22X offer to recharge their lines and avail themselves of this amazing benefit for the next 90 days.