Eazzy Eats Launches Food Ordering and Delivery Platform

Eazzy Eats has launched their innovative online food ordering and delivery platform which is setting the pace and new standard in the food ordering and delivery space.

Eazzy Eats understands consumers’ daily hassles when it comes to food ordering, likewise the unnecessary delays that comes with waiting so long.

They also understand that many consumers have also experienced poor packaging of meals, missing food items, poor quality of food, etc. This is why they have introduced a cutting-edge innovative food ordering and delivery platform designed to overcome these challenges and give consumers the best experience.

Eazzy Eats is a seamless food ordering platform that provides customers with their choice of meals from hundreds of preferred restaurants whenever and wherever. Their customers’ satisfaction and top-notch experience is their priority, so customers can order a variety of meals through Google Play Store and Apple Store and receive swift delivery straight to their doorsteps, within the stipulated time frame.

Their user-friendly application was designed with customers’ convenience in mind. After signup users can get started by selecting their current or desired delivery location, browse meals from restaurants near them, and make their choice. Then they can proceed to the payment section, to select their preferred payment option.

Eazzy Eats offers multiple payment channels; card payment, bank transfer, and USSD code, which was integrated to facilitate flexible payment aimed to boost their customers’ engagement, experience, and confidence in the brand. Due to common risks associated with card payment, Eazzy Eats provides a fully encrypted payment channel embedded in the Customer Application to protect users’ sensitive payment- related information.
Aside from the seamless in-app payments options, the Eazzy Eats customer App has an easy user-friendly interface that is equipped with a host of interesting features such as, instant order notifications, real-time location optimization, and food delivery tracking, which is facilitated by, a real-time GPS that is also embedded in the logistics application that helps riders capture the entire customer address that in turn ensures accurate, timely and fast deliveries.

Alongside all these, the platform also offers a quick reach to customers through their end-to-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, that integrates all communication channels between customers’ and customer support agents. Majorly to address and resolve customer complaints, and collate service improvement reviews to ensure a remarkable user experience.

To provide this quality food ordering and delivery services, Eazzy Eats partners with small- and large-scale businesses in the Food and Logistics industries and supports these partners through increased daily sales, customer base, and brand awareness.

The regard for safety at Eazzy Eats cannot be overemphasized, this is why restaurants are inspected to ensure they meet the food preparation standard and to enhance the quality assurance, customer’s meals are carefully packaged with the Eazzy Eats seal, which is only unsealed by the customer.

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