Controversy over Missing Property in Ogun-Osun River Basin Authority

By Kayode Fasua

Workers at the Ogun-Osun River Basin Development Authority (O-ORBDA) have accused the outgoing Managing Director of the Authority, Mr. Olufemi Odumosu, of allegedly carting away federal government’s property and some ‘classified files’.

Odumosu, is expected to hand over the mantle of leadership today, January 4, following the expiration of his tenure.

A top management member of the agency told THISDAY in Abeokuta, Ogun State, that Odumosu allegedly moved away some items such as refrigerator, office cabinet, computer systems and beddings from his office and official residence preparatory to his exit from office.

The source also alleged that the outgoing MD had taken away “classified documents” bearing financial transactions of the agency on December 31, 2020, which he said was his last work day in office.

According to the source, Odumosu was spotted moving the items into a Hilux van, but the leadership of the staff union later confronted him regarding the property he allegedly moved out of the agency.

During the encounter, the union leaders and Odumosu reportedly engaged in a shouting match as the outing managing director reportedly claimed his authority was being challenged.

The source said: “It was the morning of December 31, 2020, that we realised that our outgoing MD started removing valuables from his office.

“People saw him carrying some bags among other things. We were informed that he removed office files, a refrigerator, a cabinet, computer systems, mattresses and some other things.

“The leadership of our union was informed about the action of Odumosu, and a representative of the union was sent to confront him.

“He, however, got infuriated and claimed that they were intimidating him because it was his last day in office.

“He claimed that the property removed from his office and official residence were his own, and the leadership of the union asked him to provide evidence to back his claim.

“He kept insisting that they were trying to intimidate him because he will be leaving office on Monday as his tenure will expire at 12 midnight of January 4, 2021.”

Reacting to the allegations in a telephone chat with THISDAY, the outgoing MD described all the allegations as blackmail, saying his adversaries were behind the accusations.

Odumosu, while insisting that he did not cart away any property belonging to the government, hinted that he would hand over the baton today (Monday).

He said: “How can I go away with classified files? Where are the classified files? People just want to create unnecessary issues.

“The government did not pay for the refrigerator, it’s my personal refrigerator. I brought it from my house.

“When they came into my office to take stock of some property, I wasn’t around. I met them numbering some things, and I asked them: ‘how can you be numbering something that belongs to me’?

“They should have waited for me, but I told them to get out of the office. My secretary told them, but they didn’t listen to her. That is insubordination. Not that I am afraid of being probed, but somebody is behind this.

“Those behind it are just looking for a way to blackmail me. I didn’t do all these things mentioned.”

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