Skydiving Without A Parachute

Recent happenings in Nigeria are firm indication for national cohesion. The current polarization is akin to that of the 60s which left a scar in our history.

Apart from the polarization, the livelihood of people has never been this bad, heightened by the effect of coronavirus and other sundry economic issues. it reminds one of Fantine in Les Miserables that sold her front tooth to buy food – I pray we don’t get to that level.

When Victor Hugo wrote his famous book, it was a reaction to societal happenings. My reactions to the state of Nigeria today is akin to skydiving without a parachute, banking on gravity’s grace.
Almost everything is against us, the economic indices and the general state of play. It makes me more sad when the presidential spokesperson says wailers should calm down.

I will like to say, I wail for God and country and I want the best for my country. I will constantly wail until things get better. I will also like to call on us as Nigerians to give the leadership a chance at redemption, let’s see if they would turn a new leaf, a new page; let’s see how they will fight COVID-19 in 2021; let’s see how hitherto proposed infrastructural projects will help the people.

Let’s see if the CBN will work at harmonizing forex regime; let’s see if the security situation will get better; let’s see how many people will come out of poverty in 2021.These are my priorities as a patriot. I want to see my country stand twice as tall and if it would require my wailing I will continue to wail for God and country and I will always support my country.
–Rufai Oseni,

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