Govt School Maitama And Extra Lessons


Government Model Secondary School, Maitama, Abuja, runs extra lessons for her students after the school hours and equally gets paid for doing so from the parents whose children participate in the extra lessons.

It is a welcome development but something is wrong about it and should be corrected before it is too late. The teachers that take these students during the extra lessons teach in the same school but prefer attending to the students only when it is time for the extra lessons.

It may interest you to know that during the school hours some of the teachers go for their personal businesses after signing the attendance register, and return when it is time for the extra lessons.
Some of these teachers that manage to stay without going out after signing the register still don’t attend to students. They log into social media platforms to chat, post, and do other things to while away time until the period for extra lessons.

Parents whose children attend extra lessons pay N3, 000 per each student at the end of every month. This is cheating. The teachers in question collect their salaries at the end of every month for doing nothing. And thereafter, collect what the parents’ pay for extra classes to add to their salaries. Therefore, it is obvious that those who can’t afford to pay the needed amount for the so-called extra lessons, their children won’t learn anything since these teachers don’t teach during the school hours.
The FCT Ministry of Education should discourage the unhealthy practice.

––Awunah Pius Terwase, Mpape,