The pursuit of profit drives so many enterprises and in that attempt sometimes ‘celebrities’ are used to enhance the image. A recent local newspaper edition had a double page spread for a chemist chain that also sold perfumes, but the imagery associated with the individual brands was odd. It appears that most sports people are also industrial chemists and can design new perfumes.

A number had attractive people as their call card, one had Elle, the model’s name. Others were promoted by David Beckham, a great footballer and Star Wars, a very popular series of movies although with a few characters that stank but the one that appealed to a very specific audience was that with the name and image of a popular beer. Must remember to pour that one on me and not in me. With prices up to $159 per 100mls no testing was conducted by this writer.

Has truth in advertising really gone and fake news now becomes fake smells? Where has honesty gone?

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia