Are You Reading This Santa?

After a 50-year break, I have decided to send my Christmas present list to Santa again. Why Santa? Well he listens to good people and tries to get them what they want or need. I have lost faith in political leaders in so many countries and there are still a number of people that are ignoring the medical advice they get so I had to look a bit wider.

I tried Zooming Santa but there is quite a long list of one on one meeting requests and I am down for some time in 2031. I tried emailing him, but my Gmail wasn’t working.
The phone call approach seems a bit out of date now and I am sure Santa has modernised his approach. I hope Santa or one of the elves reads the ‘Letters to the Editor’ section.

All I want are the standard things,
World Peace
A vaccine for COVID that everyone can get
To be able to visit family and friends anytime and safely
On a personal level I would like my football team to win this year and especially not get beaten by a late goal minutes before the end of the game.
Thanks Santa!
Dennis, Aged 61.
––Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne, Australia

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