YouTube failing is the modern equivalent of a power failure and thus no TV. What do we do? We might have to speak to our family. We might find out that Monopoly comes in a physical version. More importantly we won’t be able to upload our latest, greatest video clip. It’s time to send in a strongly worded protest email, what? Gmail is also down?

Another advantage of living in Australia, apart from almost being free from COVID, is that this happened during our night, except perhaps for those addicted to YouTube who might finally go to bed before the sun rises.

With the weird, and scary, 2020 it might be best to revaluate what is actually important, our families, our friends and our health, not our screens. Turn off the screens voluntarily and go out to see how you can volunteer to make the world better. Go on, lots of other people are already out there.

Dennis Fitzgerald,
Melbourne, Australia