Wole Aboderin, Changing the Narratives


For Dr. Wole Aboderin, the former Youth Director for Buhari/Bakare Presidential Campaign Council 2011, Director Women and Youth Buhari/Osinbajo Presidential Campaign Team 2019, his show of loyalty is unparalleled; his compassion for his people is unprecedented. His actions are well-thought-out, intended to hit targets without missing—that is Dr. Wole Aboderin, Special Assistant on NGO Matters, Office of the First Lady. Compared to his contemporaries, here is a man that has walked further on the block, as close to the grassroots as he was a day before his appointment, and yet managing to keep up with policymakers and the ultimate deciders of Nigeria’s future.

When Dr. Wole Aboderin who recently concluded a course on policy design and delivery from Harvard Kennedy School was picked on merit by the first lady herself, it was evident to all that merit was the only qualifier, seeing as he had little in common with her, except the outspoken vision of better things. And this much Aboderin has brought to being, after numerous hours of good work.

A proud son of Ibadan, Oyo State, Aboderin has not shamed his origin at all. There is a catchphrase in those hallowed Aso Villa halls that Dr. Aisha Buhari’s steps are glowing with gigantic and long-enduring accomplishments because of thinking assistants like Aboderin. The reality is self-evident.

With an instinctive grasp of governance, Wole Aboderin’s activities have not gone unnoticed by the ups-and-ups, and are most definitely behind the brainiac’s popularity with the common people. Easy to talk to and catching on with the speed of thought, Aboderin walks the line of steward and leader, capable, diligent, and most of all, dependable.
As the cabinet of the first lady is packed with progressives, thinkers and masters of their distinct fields, standing out is about as difficult as getting in. But Wole Aboderin only needed to do the latter to do the former. His abilities in Information and Technology, project management, strategic negotiations, etc. are visible whenever the first lady engages her philanthropic side.

Wole Aboderin has said time and time again that only the youth can usher in the golden age for Nigeria, and he is living proof that this is true.
A mind for the future, a heart for the people and a will to see the labour of heroes past bearing good fruit—that is Wole Aboderin: doing his first lady proud; doing his people prouder.

The Art of Making Babies: Babatunde Okewale’s New Book Tops on Amazon
The Art of Making Babies! A daring title, to be sure. But if there is a medical doctor—and husband—who knows what it takes, it has to be Dr. Babatunde Okewale, with his donkey years of practice, and first-hand experience. And the glowing reviews the book has had so far just goes to show it.

Not long after it was published, Dr. Babatunde Okewale’s book, The Art of Making Babies, was already on its way to being a bestseller. For one, it is the brainchild of authority in the field, and second, it is written around/against one of those bones in the neck of human society: infertility. Which is one reason it is selling like oxygen on Amazon, and the sales of printed copies are just a step behind.

The Art of Making Babies contains Dr. Okewale’s wealth of knowledge regarding human fertility and reproduction, all the ins and outs that are seldom unveiled to the common people. Using insightful narratives, Dr. Okewale lays out everything struggling couples need to know about sterility, getting—and staying—pregnant, and shelving every other attendant problem behind them. Everything is condensed in 294 pages, broken into seventeen chapters of a simple, informative writing style.

Dr. Okewale takes the road less travelled in his book, advocating natural processes as effective for pregnancy. This is the culmination of 30 years in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, although that might be hard to imagine from Dr. Okewale’s rendering. Really, little wonder The Art of Making Babies is topping Amazon bookshelves and arresting local and international attention.

Dr. Babatunde Okewale knows his business, to say the least. Not to mention his renowned advocacy for women’s healthcare, Dr. Okewale’s St. Ives Clinic is a centre of miracles on this front: over two thousand babies have been birthed since St. Ives began operations, all via in-vitro fertilisation (IVF).
So, yes, the options for The Art of Making Babies are either sell or sell.