Stakeholders Seek More Human Capital Investments


Stakeholders in the human resource management sector have called for increased investment in human capital in order to drive organisational growth in public and private sectors respectively.

The advice was given at the 52nd Annual National Conference with the theme: ‘Leading Digital Culture and New Ways of Working,’ held virtually.

Speaking at the event, the Lead Speaker, and Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, (PwC), Caroline Smith, said there was an urgent need to prepare people for new ways of working, stating that culture remains as critical as strategy and organisation. Therefore, she stressed the need for everybody to align to upscale in the digital world.

She also stated that there are a lot of untapped energy in organisational culture that everyone uses as a boost to help in digital upscaling effort.

On his part, Digital Workforce Trainer, Olushola Adewale, highlighted four steps to build digital organisations to include access to organisation and digital benchmarks, advancing of existing talents and injecting new talents, and accelerating everyone.