How Essa is Bringing Souccour to Lives

Ugo Aliogo in this report writes about how Anas Essa is using company to affect lives

What lies at the core of all Anas Essa wants to do is improve the dental health of people. As a student in dentistry school, he knew he had a business model that could allow him achieve his aim. “I knew I wanted to work with people and their smiles, and I also knew I wanted to work for myself only. A smile is the first thing someone notices about you and see their confidence rise. This is the most rewarding part of my job and is why I started this company.”

Founded in 2017, Diamond White Smile is the company he set up to put his plan in action. “Originally I started this as a side business which quickly turned into a full time corporation running seven days a week,” he hinted. “Our mission is to help change one smile at a time and one life at a time.”

That mission is not something that has been easy or without its own sacrifices, demanding a lot from the young adult. “Even though I tried to prepare myself there were still the challenges of opening costs and supplies, incorporating the business and learning about the accounting and financial side,” he remarked. “Once all that was figured out, I still had to grow my company as it was all new. I spent hours daily promoting my business because yes I had all the supplies ready but I had to build my clientele from scratch. This did not happen overnight but i didn’t give up and here I am today.”

Essa’s long hours are now being rewarded by a company that is at a critical stage of its development, allowing it to focus on improving the scope of its focus. “Right now Diamond White Smile is focused on getting the take-home teeth whitening kits to every retail store worldwide,” he noted. “We want everyone to have instant access to our kits. We want to keep creating business owners and giving people the opportunity to allow themselves to become what they want.”

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