Joy in Auto Giant, Adebayo Adesola’s Heart


To many, November 22 of every year is like any ordinary day in their lives. It has no significant meaning to them, and don’t mark the day with any fanfare. But this is not so for Nigerian businessman and auto magnate, Adebayo Adesola, Managing Director, Vision Wheel Motors.
For him, the day is always worth celebrating, as it signifies the beginning of his earthly sojourn.

Mercifully, this year, Adesola, attained the golden age. For a man of his stature, it wouldn’t have been so surprising if had chosen to roll out the drums and danced like King David in the Bible.

But Society Watch gathered that Adesola is not given to loud celebrations particularly of his birthday. Although a source revealed that last Sunday, few of his close friends, families as well as business associates gathered at his palatial mansion somewhere at Ikeja to felicitate with him. It was a very low-key gathering though there were lots of foods to eat while expensive wines, cognac, Champagne, flowed freely as if it was going out of fashion.

The multimillionaire businessman’s story is that of a glide from grass to grace. While he was growing up, he had the picture of how rich he wanted to be in his head and he followed his dream through. In other words, as a young man, he had a clear vision of what he wanted to do later in life and he pursued it with unwavering doggedness. Also, while growing up, the only thing that caught his fancy was business and he refused to be swayed by any other interest.