How Damji Built a Successful Wholesale Real Estate Operation


Ugo Aliogo in this report, examines Jamil Damji success story in the real estate industry

Prior to the 2008, Jamil Damji was building handling real estate transactions to build a portfolio of holdings as a self-taught real estate entrepreneur. The success of those businesses was putting him on the path to a more sustainable future until the 2008 financial crisis hit. The implications of the crisis caused him to pivot to another career, but that didn’t give Damji the satisfaction of his real estate beat. Soon, another opportunity in the real estate industry presented itself.

“I identified an opportunity in Phoenix AZ and moved in 2012,” Damji recalled. “Suffering from a depressed real estate market after the crash, Phoenix had ample opportunity to acquire undervalued real estate, and I quickly established myself as a power player in the space. By 2015, I had successfully completed hundreds of transactions with my long time business partner and sister Rahima Athari. Knowing we lacked the systems and infrastructure to scale our operation further, we partnered with Josiah Grimes and Hunter Runyon to form KeyGlee.”

At KeyGlee, the premise is simple: their streamlined platform and powerful technology gives customers a fair and honest offer for their homes in 24 hours or less.

“For our efforts, we take a ‘fee’ on each transaction. We have since scaled operations at KeyGlee and now have conducted thousands of deals locally. In 2020 we franchised KeyGlee nationally and are currently in 18 additional markets and growing rapidly. Our goal is to have 700 franchises nationwide within the next five years,”

For their next project, Damji wants to democratize how investments flow into the real estate world. “The mainstream public should have an opportunity to participate in it just as those of us that are “in the know” do,” he added.