The petition written against CNN by the Nigerian government is another initiative employed to embezzle public funds by those in charge. The Cable News Network has given an accurate and a fantastic report about the killings of EndSars protesters by the military. Instead of the government to applaud the job well done and ensure the perpetrators are punished, the Minister of Information and Culture, Mr. Lai Muhammed and his team, have seen that as a business opportunity and quickly wrote a petition to challenge the CNN’s report on the killings of our brothers during the protest. The team that had written the petition would soon claim to have spent billions of Naira in carrying out its duty that is of no use to Nigerians. Those in charge of the administration go after things that are unnecessary and use same to steal public funds.

Lai Muhammed and his team should have a rethink and discontinue this “eye-service.” What needs to be done is the arrest and the prosecution of those involved in the killings. The people in leadership positions should stop being unreasonable by creating needless cases. The CNN’s report on the killings of our youth during the #EndSARS’ protest is accurate, fantastic and commendable.

Awunah Pius Terwase,

Mpape, Abuja